Lebenshilfe Organization visiting Pedross

Lebenshilfe Organization visiting Pedross

Mon. 18.02.13

Recently the Lebenshilfe Organization visited our site in Laces, South Tyrol. Sebastian Kurz, Chief Engineer at Pedross guided through the three production sheds.

The guide started inside the veneer stock, where our guests could see the various types of wood and foils. Then we went on to our veneer department where the individual sheets are processed into rolls. Especially the robots working in our second production shed fascinated the visitors. The veneer-roll which was produced before is now covering the skirtings and afterwards varnished.

Then Sebastian Kurz showed the members of the Lebenshilfe Organization how important their support for our company is. With their work, they save our employees a lot of time in the packaging of our products. At this point the Pedross Team wants to say Thank you for the great collaboration.

The Lebenshilfe Organization is a social and non-profit-oriented association, which helps people with disabilities in their quest for an independent life.