Laminate skirting board board - attractive shell, hard kernel
Factory closures, Public holidays and Long Weekends 2016


Dear Customers and Business Associates,

Please be aware that we will be closed for the Easter Holidays from 21stMarch until 28thMarch.

In addition the company will be closed on the following public holidays or long weekends:

 5th and 6th May
16th May
26th and 27th May
3rd October
31st October and 1st November

We will be available for any further information you require

 Your Burkle-Team

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Laminate skirting board board - attractive shell, hard kernel

Laminate skirting board board - attractive shell, hard kernel
Our MDF laminate skirting board is economically priced, practical and extremely versatile - as recognised and valued by builders and bottomers. On closer inspection these apparently modest products reveal unexpected qualities:

The support material is a Medium Density Fibreboard also known as MDF. It is one of the most recent and yet one of the most used wood raw material products in the world. No wonder, for its mechanical, technological and physical characteristics are comparable to those of solid wood and its production is extremely undemanding on resources. The use of high quality raw materials and the most up-to-date pressing technology ensure the highest stability and solidity /strong>.

The laminated hullgives the solid core a correspondingly attractive exterior: The tremendously wide selection of varnished and highly resistant decorative laminates cater for every wish.

Technical data

01 - Support material

The support material used in our laminate skirting board is MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) in conformity with European Standards E1 and EN 120.

02 - Adhesive

  • Hot-melt adhesive with excellent hold
  • Guaranteed formaldehyde and solvent free
  • Absolutely eco-friendly

03 - Patterns

  • A huge selection of high quality varnished decorative laminates, suitable for all laminate floors
  • Resistant to cleaning materials and chemicals