CREATIVA - smooth, shapely and functional
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CREATIVA - smooth, shapely and functional

CREATIVA - smooth, shapely and functionalCREATIVA - smooth, shapely and functionalCREATIVA - smooth, shapely and functional

The wall-integrated skirting board is a sophisticated solution appearance the homes of tomorrow: Timelessly modern appearance, trend-setting functionality and a range of other convincing features make it the framing for your floor with extra class.

Perfectly integrated

Integration into the wall produces clean lines and an uncomplicated, contemporary design; however, the benefits go far beyond the visual: Furniture can be placed easily against the wall without any loss of space. Time-consuming dusting of the skirting board becomes a thing of the past.

Slick staging

A wide choice of cover profile materials - from classic wood to modern aluminium caters for every aesthetic wish. The profiles conceal irksome cables and can - even subsequently - be fitted with LED strips, to create an unobtrusive orientation light or atmospheric room lighting.

Technically refined

Under the modern designer surfaces slumber technically ingenious solutions: CREATIVA is not only an aesthetic eye-catcher - it also has acoustic advantages with optimum footfall sound insulation. The basic profile, adjustable for height and angle, can compensate for possible unevenness in the stonework, while the cover profile balances out unevenness in the floor.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • contemporary design
  • no surfaces to gather dust
  • wide choice of materials
  • optimum footfall sound insulation
  • cable channelling and LED lighting
  • rapid, accurate assembly

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Technical data

  • 01 - stone work
  • 02 - plaster
  • 03 - screw for adjusting the profile
  • 04 - clip-on retaining bracket for skirting board
  • 05 - sealing lip for acoustic insulation
  • 06 - skirting board profile in wood or other materials e.g. aluminium