1932 - Company foundation at Mannheim

On June 1st, the banker Friedrich Bürkle opens a sales shop for scotias in Mannheim in the square U 2.


1943 - A new direction

Destruction of the establishment in Mannheim during the war makes it necessary to relocate to Rimbach/Odenwald. Ms. Else Bürkle kept production in motion during war years.


1947 - Return to Mannheim and Reconstruction

Relocation of the company to Mannheim and start of reconstruction.


1958 - Relocation to Ludwigshafen/Rhein

The company premises in Mannheim do not allow any further expansion - the management decides to move to Ludwigshafen/Rhein and starts to build up the molding and plastics production.


1972 - Relocation of production to Frankenthal

Relocation of production to Frankenthal, the lacquering remains in the first time remains in Ludwigshafen.


1978 - Expansion of wood production and complete relocation to Frankenthal

Expansion of the wood production and the warehouse, as well as the relocation of the entire production to Frankenthal and the discontinuation of plastics production.


1986/87 - Expansion of the raw and finished goods

Expansion of the raw and finished goods.


1994/95 - Completion of the product range with coated profiles

Expansion of the commercial administration and construction of another warehouse. Start of the production of the coated skirting board.


2006 - Takeover by Karl Pedross AG/Italy

Takeover of "Bürkle Leisten & Profile GmbH" with 91 employees by Karl Pedross AG in Latsch / Italy.


2019 - 80 years of Bürkle profiles

80 years of experience in the field of floor accessories with ongoing development.


Today - Complete supplier in the field of skirting boards and floor accessories


Decades of experience and competence in dealing with the natural material wood guarantee, yesterday and today, the finest skirting quality.

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